Unforgettable sex with your soulmate

Erotic games for couple

Unforgettable sex with your soulmate

Uncover new interests of your partner

What you will find on our website

Erotic tasks for a couple

Erotic tasks for a couple - a game designed for those who want to bring spark and passion into their sex life, try something new in bed, or just diversify their intimate life.

The essence of the game is simple: in turn, each opens a card and completes the task. It is important that at this moment your partner does not see the tasks, so the game will be more interesting, and the sensations will be brighter!

Uncover new interests of your partner

We will help you find new hot ideas for sex. How it works:

  • Both partners connect their accounts;
  • Both partners answer the same sex questions «Yes», «Maybe», «No»;
  • If both partners answered «Yes» or «Maybe», then the question is shown as a match;
  • Any idea that is answered «No» by any of the partners will be hidden.

Reviews about us

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“The best site for sex games!! He helped us dilute our intimate life and diversify relationships!!!! We fantasized a lot of things, but were afraid to share them with each other and realize them in life. But we were wrong! It turned out that my boyfriend and I have a lot of common sexual desires!!!”

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“My husband and I love this site! On the first visit, we easily figured out the interface and content of the site, for each game there is a description that clearly gives an idea of the content. We liked both versions of the games, forfeits warm up well and help to loosen up if a person is tight, making it easy to try something new in sex. I liked the game of interests for its idea - to help partners express their desires without fear. After all, the partner's answer can be seen only if it coincides, which reduces the chances of being misunderstood. Thanks to the developers for such a “platform” of ideas for sex! Now neither I nor my husband will leave here for a long time!))”

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“The site is the best! I'm still using the free part, but I'm going to buy the paid version soon. The tasks are all hot, and what kind of pictures they have... It’s immediately clear how to complete it! Most of all I liked that you can customize the issuance of tasks for yourself through the settings, I have seen this very few places. But most of all I was pleased that thanks to this site I managed to wake up in my modest girlfriend a passionate and seductive nature, before that she herself was afraid to open up to me. Thanks!!)”